The whole year round we keep busy with our daily routine and in the stressful life of running around, earning bread and butter for yourself and the family. It’s time for you to take a break and go on a vacation with your family.


1.       Plan your trip according to your budget and start saving money every month for your vacation.

2.       Once you have planned short-listed the places you wish to visit, explore about those places by taking help of Google. If you wish to engage a travel agent, then try to get the best deal and frankly inform him of your decided budget.

3.       Customize your trip with options of travel modes. If you decide upon air travel, then book your tickets well in advance. By doing so you can get cheap tickets which can sometimes, be equivalent to 2nd AC train tickets. So you can enjoy air travel as well.

4.       Check the places you wish to visit in a particular city. Book tickets online, to save time and rush hour.

5.       Avoid travelling at night.

6.       Keep a hard copy of telephone numbers of all accompanying travel members and also emergency numbers.  Give each one a copy too.

7.       Small children should be made to wear ID cards with phone numbers around their neck.

8.       Always travel with a medicine chest with essential medicines, band aids and a pair of scissors.

9.       Carry lots of snacks when travelling in snow-bound areas, specially by road as there can be instances of traffic jams due to snowfall.

10.   Always use mineral water while travelling.

11.   If you have hired a cab, please do not converse about your money or other sensitive data.

12.   Please be very cautious not to share school name of your daughter or son in front of the cab driver.




We all aspire to lead a happy life, but sometimes we get disturbed due to others’ reactions that provoke us to behave in uncivilized manner. We do not realize that we are in fact harming ourselves. Here are some tips that can magically turn your lifestyle into an impeccable person:

1.    When you are leisurely sitting in a park, offer your seat to someone who is in need to sit down.

2.    Do not bargain with a roadside vendor who is selling you peanuts or other trivial items. Pay him what he is asking for and let him make some money for his livelihood. If you pay him a little extra than the goods worth, you are actually being a Samaritan.

3.    Greet all people you meet with a smile.

4.    Do not refuse to pay a 2-3 days salary in advance to your domestic help. You will gain love and respect by doing so.

5.    Help your spouse in day-to-day work.

6.    Play with your children. Take them to movies, picnics and enjoy with them.

7.    Visit your neighbors if they are hospitalized. Carry fruits for them.

8.    Tip your cabby with some extra. He will be happy to take you again.

9.    Donate your used items to the poor in your neighborhood.

10. Play an amicable part in a family discussion. Do not be too aggressive.

11. Go out for a family excursion at least once a month.

12. Listen to stories narrated by your old neighbor very patiently. Do not let him know that you have heard them many times over. Play along as if it’s the first time you heard.

13. Praise the food made by your wife/mother.

14. Avoid people, who criticize you, thereby you will save yourself from reacting unpleasantly.

15. Go to the attic and open your old cupboard. Refresh your old memories.

16. Enjoy a cup of tea with all family members on holidays.

17. Play games with family and friends. Spend time with them.

18. Laugh, dance and be merry.

19. Sing along with your family, crack jokes and laugh together.

20. Enjoy the younger generation change. Be lenient in a healthy way.





“Failure is an option here. If things are failing, you are not innovating enough”

                                                                                                          Elon Musk

The fear of failure is sometimes so intense that we shy away from even attempting a task, because we subconsciously underestimate our capabilities. This situation arises in everybody’s lifetime, at least once if not more.

Fear has a different meaning for each one of us. Fear of road travel, accidents, fear of drowning, peer pressure, un-supportive parents……the list is endless.

Failure is not the end of the road, but in fact the beginning of a grand innings. There are so many examples of people who suffered failures not once but a number to times and then finally they made it big. To name a few, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Amitabh Bacchan, they all started with failure. But failure did not stop them from making efforts. They kept on trying and the result, of course, is History.

Failure opens doors to success, as we learn from the various failed attempts and teaches us ways of improvements. Failure makes us strong to take up challenges, shows us the path to our goals and maps our navigation.

So learn from your failures and steadily climb the success ladder. We grow when we improve our mistakes and accept the challenge to overcome our weakness. Critics always encourage us to compete our tasks.

Let us redefine FAILURE as REVISION and surge forward with enthusiasm. Let us delete the word “Failure” from our dictionary forever.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”     Colin Powell




We all worry about our life and keep contemplating what we should do to bring satisfaction and lead a happy life. I suggest you to write your own curriculum on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Write down your desires and goals and take genuine steps to achieve them.

The curriculum should include all your aspirations, with sub-titles of hard work, desire to achieve, facing and fighting all hurdles, finding solutions to complicated problems, caring and sharing, keeping positive attitude and gratitude in wholesale.

The syllabus of life can be read with simple print and each lesson be marked clearly, with haves and have nots. One more aspect would be, revision of the lessons you are not able to learn at the first attempt, particularly, good habits, gratitude, positive thinking, smiling etc, because these lessons carry maximum weightage and if you secure good marks and pass with flying colors, your life will always be in Grade A+++.

You should also remember to put anecdotes to complicated situations. If your notes are beneficial to others, do not hesitate to share them. Distribute your good notes free of cost to benefit others too.

When you prepare this blueprint, remember there are fill in the blanks and FAQs in the syllabus, that the answers to those long and short questions are known ONLY to the Almighty. Attempt all questions, revise your answers and pass in flying colors.

Selfie safely and wisely SELFIEE SAFELY AND WISELY We all love to click selfiees. These days it has become a trend to click these selfiee pictures at various indoor and outdoor spots and keep them in your favorite phone albums. It so happened that one day when I clicked a selfiee in front of a cafeteria, I did not realize that a poor little boy, who was also standing there, would come in the frame of the camera. On checking the picture, I was alarmed to see that boy with tears in his eyes and clad in torn clothes, barely covering his thin body. This selfiee was very painful. There are millions of people and children, living below the poverty line, who do not even get one proper square meal in a day. Let us pledge to make efforts to eradicate poverty and bring an environment change. Let us move towards making our Nation free of starving people. Let us strengthen the poor, not by giving them donations, but by showing them ways of earning their living. Let us make them self-reliant and make them feel proud of their existence. Did you notice that I have spelled this word (SELFIE) with an additional “E”? It is so surprising to see how this word transforms into telling us a very important message, if the alphabets are re-arranged. Check for yourself: SELFIEE………..SEE LIFE. A SELFIE is nothing but the various pictures we click AS WE SEE LIFE………. Please remember, while taking pictures, specially outdoors, be very careful of the surroundings. Many a times, taking selfies has resulted in fatal accidents. So friends, click away your moments of fun and happiness, keep these fond memories forever in your favorite picture albums, but do give little time to help those who are in dire need. Assist them with whatever means you have, helping them in kind (not in cash). Uplifting their existence level will make them confident to face this world. AND remember……….while taking your SELFIEE………say CHEESE!!!!!




Successful persons are confident, leaders with a vision and mission and they live and work with attitude.

Successful people have planning, experimenting, settling goals and are focused. They are accountable and take responsibility of failures. They make changes and constantly follow new trends and innovations. They have a LION’S ATTITUDE, which is strong, positive, persuasive and confidence in abundance.

If you are looking for success, then LION your goals with an attitude of a predator, clearing all hurdles and jumping to your success. Do not be a SHEEP with fear of failure, because fears are nothing but imaginations of your preconceived thoughts, playing in your brain, making you shy away from your tasks.

So be a LION and roar your success, loud and clear, walk into the forest of fear with determination. There is always a ray of light, on the other side of the darkest of tunnels.

Be gentle in your approach, but at the same time, be assertive and your golden mane will scare the people who once ridiculed and questioned your strength. Your strong paws will take you to SUCCESS and the SHEEP around you will reckon your strength of SUCCESS.

A brave soldier bidding adieu to his family


Dear father, I was happy my leave was sanctioned

Was bringing you a carton of apples, you always mentioned,

A lovely saree for mother and a shawl

To save her from the winter chills and snowfall,

Dear sister, I got some jewels for your marriage

And safely packed them in my carriage,

For my darling wife, was a gift for Valentine

Sparkling diamonds with my love shine,

Clothes and toys for my little one

Planned lots of picnics full of fun,

Suddenly there was a big bang

We all stopped, choked with song we sang,

Blood scattered all over in splashes

We knew we were losing our breath with wet eye lashes,

Oh! Someone please help me send my gifts

Bring my bag and pack them swift,

I shall not see you my dear ones so often

As I lay down with my memories in this coffin,

Papa, mama, I was always a soldier brave

Did my best to make my Country safe,

I had dreams for a gigantic leap

But someone forced me to sleep,

Do not miss me my dear sister in your marriage fun

Remember your brother’s courage and gun,

Dear wife, take care of our little son

Train him to be soldier number one,

Safely keep my medals you praised so often

As I do not have pockets in my coffin.

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